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Ingress Protection

Ingress protection ratings, or IP ratings, are a two digit rating system to determine how resistant a device is to its environment. The rating is made up of two numbers with specific meaning. The first is about protection against solid objects and particulates and the second is resistance to liquids.

Having a certified IP Rating legitimises the item and allows manufacturers to confidently make claims about the level of protection their product provides. It also gives users reassurance there is a level of protection and safety with the component, with less risk of injury to themselves or damage to their equipment. When contaminants enter an electronic enclosure they can cause a range of damage from shortened life to equipment failure.

The testing requirements for electrical equipment using ingress protection (IP) are specified in International Standard IEC 60529 and Australian Standard AS 60529.

Ex Testing & Certification is accredited by NATA to carryout IP testing up to IP68.

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