As an IECEx accepted certification body (ExCB), ExTC can issue Certificates of Conformity for products used in explosive atmospheres.

What is an Ex Certification Body?

An IECEx Certification Body is an organisation that has successfully completed the IECEx assessment process and are accepted to operate within the IECEx Certified Equipment Scheme. They may issue IECEx Test Reports (ExTRs), IECEx Quality Assessment Reports (QARs) and the IECEx Certificate of Conformity.

Ex Testing and Certification is an Australian testing organisation accepted under the IECEx Scheme as a Certification Body (ExCB) and can provide internationally recognised certification for products used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

explosive atmosphere testing certification audit

What Schemes Can We Certify Against?

Ex Testing and Certification Scheme NATA IEC ANZEx


The objective of the IECEx System is to facilitate international trade in equipment and services for use in explosive atmospheres, while maintaining the required level of safety. Ex Testing and Certification (ExTC) is an accepted Certification Body (ExCB) approved to provide certification for a large variety of Ex protection techniques, including flameproof (Ex d), intrinsic safety (Ex i) and many others. If you are a manufacturer, a good place to start is the IECEx 02A document “Guidance for Applicants seeking IECEx Certification under the IECEx Certified Equipment Scheme, IECEx 02”. There are also IECEx certification for repair and overhaul facilities and personal competencies. All the information can be found on the IECEx website.

Introduction to IECEx Certified Equipment Scheme

Ex Testing and Certification Scheme NATA IEC ANZEx


This is the Australian equivalent to the IECEx system, commonly referred to as the ANZEx Scheme. The ANZEx Scheme rules and procedures for the equipment certification program are defined in ANZEx Certified Equipment Scheme Rules. Ex Testing and Certification is a member of this scheme.

Ex Testing and Certification Scheme NATA IEC ANZEx


This is the scheme applicable for the European Union and many other countries accept products complying with the 2014/34/EU ATEX directive. Ex Testing and Certification can provide ATEX certification via TUV Rheinland Germany (Notified Body under ATEX).

All the schemes require an Ex test report and an Ex audit report, and examination of several other certification criteria according to the scheme requirements.

ExTC is accredited by JAS-ANZ (Joint Accreditation Scheme for Australian and New Zealand) to ISO 17065 to deliver Ex certification.

What certification do I need?

As part of our testing and certification process, ExTC will determine exactly what tests and certification conformities your product will require.

Our Approach

We provide our clients with everything they need to comply with the IECEx, ANZEx and ATEX Directive. This includes electrical and mechanical equipment and protective systems for use on surface, mining, offshore installations etc. It relates to all safety devices, controlling devices, regulating devices and components (defined as any item essential to the safe functioning of equipment).

Compliance with the applicable explosive atmosphere schemes / systems (IECEx, ANZEx or ATEX or local regulatory requirement) is mandatory in most countries. The ATEX Directive is a CE Marking Directive, which means products that fall under the scope of the directive are subject to CE marking.

We guide you through all stages of the project, answering all inquiries. The staff at ExTC understand that clients value technical knowledge and service and we ensure that turnaround times are as short as possible.

If you would like to have your product certified please email us at info@extesting.com.au and attach a filled out application form.

More information is found in our Certification Manual which is available on request.

The Certification Process

We work with the client to achieve the goal of certification. Our typical process is as follows:

Explosion protection certification and testing ExTC

Evaluate Test Report (ExTR) findings

Explosion protection certification and testing ExTC

Provide customer with a suitable report

Explosion protection certification and testing ExTC

Audit manufacturing facility or evaluate audit report from another acceptable body

Explosion protection certification and testing ExTC

Provide Quality Assessment Report (QAR)

Explosion protection certification and testing ExTC

Issue Certificate

IECEx as a doorway to other schemes

The IECEx product assessment is often able to be used as a basis for certification to other schemes. The IECEx Scheme can be seen in some ways as a parent.

IECEx ANZEx ATEX India Certification Scheme

Conversion between IECEx and other schemes

The primary issue is that the IECEx will only accept reports written to the IEC standards in the IECEx format. Other certification schemes can accept the IECEx reports. For example, an ATEX test report cannot be used in place of an IECEx test report, however an IECEx test report can be used as a basis for ATEX. This may also mean that re-testing may be required to gain IECEx certification.

IECEx test report conversion
Application for Ex Services Form (PDF)