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If you service, manufacture or sell equipment or protective systems for use in or in conjunction with potentially explosive atmospheres, your quality system and manufacturing process is required to undergo regular IECEx auditing. This ensures you are operating effectively, resulting in compliant manufactured products for the relevant explosive atmosphere scheme or system.

The staff at Ex Testing and Certification (ExTC) are trained to perform audits of quality systems and facilities in Australia and internationally for Ex manufacturers and service facilities.

For companies that have an ISO 9001 certificate, these IECEx audits are typically required every 18 months, switching between a full audit and a Surveillance Audit. If the company does not have an ISO 9001 certificate, these IECEx audits are required every 12 months, consisting of a full audit with two Surveillance Audits in between.

Our Approach

ExTC Auditors are knowledgeable, practical and have the approach that a quality system should serve the company, and not that the company serves the quality system. We work alongside our clients to provide a third-party independent appraisal of the quality system and processes. This ensures that any gaps in practice or process are identified and suitably resolved.

If you would like to have your facility audited please email us at and attach a filled out application form.

The Process

  • Identify the scope of the audit
  • Perform an initial review of the quality system
  • Confirm if the basic equipment requirements (IECEx 02) or the Service Facility Scheme (IECEx 03) have been met
  • Assign an auditor and agree on the date of the audit
  • Perform the Audit according with IEC 17021 and the relevant scheme requirements and issue the findings
  • Issue the client with the draft audit report and finalize any outstanding actions
  • Issue the client with the final report

What we deliver

For product certification purposes ExTC offer:

  • Quality Assessment Reports (QAR) for IECEx, ANZEx and ATEX
  • Quality Assurance Notification (QAN) using our arrangements with ATEX Notified Bodies

For service facilities ExTC offer:

  • Service Facility Audit Reports (FAR) according to the requirements of the IECEx 03 scheme


With auditing services from ExTC, you can:

  • Benefit from our quick turnaround time and ability to travel at short notice
  • Have an expert with outstanding Ex compliance experience conduct the audit
  • Engage the only non-Government certification body in Australia
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